Train like a warrior and you'll win every battle
Your first session with Gladiator school is FREE. We are confident our training program will turn you into a better athlete in every way. Try out our program with no risks.

Gladiator School workouts are world class and second to none.

Our workouts consist of:
- crossfit
- plyometrics
- footwork
- layup techniques from every angle
- stretching
- strength and conditioning
- proper shooting mechanics
- defensive awareness and rebounding.
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  1. Be a better athlete
    Life is a lot easier when your bigger, stronger, and faster then your opponent. The athletes that train at Gladiator School will gain confidence and more importantly, improve their overall health through sports.
  2. Be a better defender
    Defense wins championships. Players will be taught how to guard the ball and help side defensive positioning.
  3. Rebounding is a skill
    Boxing out and when to crash the boards is something that can be taught and utilized by players of every position.
  4. Improve Basketball IQ
    Most coaches and trainers focus on shooting and ball handling. They do not teach players when to shoot and how to handle pressure. At Gladiator School, you will learn how to make intelligent decisions in live basketball situations.